Hello there! I am a passionate, expressive and versatile Animator. I like to use both traditional and digital techniques using Aftereffects, Photoshop and I also have a working knowledge of Maya. I graduated from the University of Creative Arts, Farnham, in 2005.
My first steps into the Creative Industry was working on set as a runner in feature films, including The Golden compass, The Young Victoria and Robin Hood.  Assisting film crews and running errands for location and production managers, I was able to jump from film to film, learning about the film making process, meeting all kinds of characters along the way.
Meanwhile back in kitchen HQ, Oxford, I also began working on non-commercial projects in the independent sector.  In 2011 my luck continued when I was commissioned by Bill & Ben Productions to animate a segment of their independent feature film 'A Liar's Autobiography' - the untrue story of the late Monty Python member, Graham Chapman.
Life as an Animator can be a pretty hard challenge but I really enjoy bringing things to life in Animation and I always have a continuous desire to learn and improve with each new project.
I am currently studying an Animation Short Course at Escape Studios, and will pursuing 3d Character Animation work this summer. If you’d like to get in touch please email steven@stevenlall.com, I would love to work on your show.